Lary Kidd

Since his beginnings on stage at the turn of the decade, Lary Kidd has left an indelible mark on the Quebec rap scene thanks to his scathing verve and uninhibited charisma. Both within the legendary group Loud Lary Ajust and as a solo artist, the Montreal rapper collects punch lines with strong images and clever references that have marked memories. His first solo effort, "Contrôle" aroused many reactions in 2017 with his morose words, his incisive reflections and his shattering rhythms, positioning Lary as the standard bearer of a generation torn between stability and grogginess of the night.

 Far from softening over time, the rap québ "young man" has returned on top of his game with "Surhomme". Witnessing Lary's Way of the Cross, this second solo  is carried out by his faithful acolytes Ajust and Ruffsound, flaying social injustices, inherent daily life inequalities and modern world nonsense. A cocktail of lucidity, arrogance and casualness that only Lary Kidd knows the recipe for.