Lary Kidd plunges us back into his uncompromising world: dark, abrasive, vindictive and snow-covered. Fearless of anything, and especially of speaking crudely, he unloads with "Speak White". And even though it's the namesake of Michèle Lalonde's poem, written and dedicated in 1968, the new track here is resolutely aligned with something else. But it, too, carries a certain harshness in its delivery.

"The song makes only a brief and distant reference to the original poem. In fact, the play on words with Speak White refers more to certain American rappers saying "I talk white/speak white". A bit like on "Keyz on the table", it's an integral part of my character, this narrative. Also, on a more technical and auditory level, 'speak white' and 'be quiet' are almost perfect rhymes, hence the initial idea," explains the Montreal artist.

With this first sign of life since last year's "Costco Freestyle", the rapper returns with his eternal aplomb doubled with effrontery, advocating consistency of gesture and discourse: when the time comes to empty the bag, to cut the bullshit, he's our guy.

Produced in collaboration with Alex Guay (Loud Lary Ajust) and Tim Buron (Loud, Charlotte Cardin), Lary Kidd's new single promises to leave no one indifferent.

Voice of Michèle Lalonde and extracts from Speak White© 1968, used with the used with the kind permission of his succession. All rights reserved.

Lary Kidd - Speak White