Lary Kidd will be on the road this summer, kicking off his concert series at the Francos de Montréal on June 16. For this historic night, Lary has surrounded himself with the best; Loud, Imposs, 20some and Le Ice will join him on stage. In addition to his solo shows, Lary Kidd will be joining the tour of his faithful accomplice LOUD. The two prodigies will reunite with AJUST to revive the legendary LOUD LARY AJUST trio for two concerts at the Francos de Montréal, including the big closing event at the Place des Festivals.

Costco freestyle
To accompany this summer on the road, Lary Kidd drops a new track. He comes back more obnoxious and incisive than ever. The madness borders on dangerous intelligence in Costco Freestyle, his latest song produced and brought to music by Ajust. In this freestyle, Lary Kidd let his inspiration flow by improvising a punchy text on a beat that hits with melancholic tunes.

"In all honesty we're talking about a freestyle here as the title suggests, it's "rap in a void" (lol) nothing serious or specific to note or possibly reflect on. I don't see what else I could add and I wish, ideally, that no one would try to come and give false flesh around the bone." says the rapper, grinning.

Lary Kidd - Costco freestyle