Lary Kidd

Since his arrival on the scene at the turn of the last decade, Lary Kidd has left an indelible mark on Quebec rap thanks to his scathing verve and unabashed charisma. Both as part of the legendary group Loud Lary Ajust and as a solo artist, the Montreal rapper has collected punch lines with strong imagery and deft references that have left a lasting impression. His first solo effort, "Control" generated a lot of buzz when it was released in 2017 with its moody lyrics, incisive reflections and shattering beats, positioning Lary as the standard-bearer for a generation torn between stability and the intoxication of the night.

Built on sounds directly taken from the 90's and to which abundant samplings are added, Vulgaire démonstration d'ignorance, released on November 12th, lets hover around him a controlled blur. Without making any specific statement about what it's about, Lary Kidd will simply call a spade a spade and say about his latest effort: "these are rap songs". Smart. The brilliant rapper will be back on the road shortly to present the fruits of his latest efforts on stage.

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