On the eve of his appearance at the Festival de musique émergente (FME) on September 4, the talented rapper takes the road at high speed, secured by cables to the platform of a trailer truck, and presents a powerful clip for "Tout va bien".

Continuing to forge ahead, after a supercharged launch-concert in front of a packed Foufounes Électriques and a sold-out Club Soda last March, Lary Kidd can't stop hitting it hard and reaping the rewards of SURHOMME, the second solo effort by his faithful acolytes Ajust and Ruffsound.

Leaving absolutely nothing to chance, the artist is far from softening with time. Armed with his acerbic verve and his rap largely inspired by American bigwigs, he reiterates his signature of disarming authenticity with scathing and well-crafted lyrics, juxtaposing skillful references to pop culture, incisive social criticism and epicurean fantasies.

Conflictual and boastful, "Tout va bien" is part of this line of tracks where lucidity, arrogance and casualness intermingle, without being diluted. An explosive cocktail that Lary Kidd masters without a doubt.

Skillfully combining puns and double meanings, the man who is hailed as much for his contribution to the legendary group Loud Lary Ajust as for his trajectory as a lone horseman approaches here the ups and downs, while making sure to look at them from above. Perched on the fortress he built for himself through powerful images and deserved success, Lary Kidd proves that he is indeed at the top of his art.

Lary Kidd - Tout va bien