Zagata releases " Minuit trop tard " with the collaboration of Souldia

Zagata feat. Souldia. The two artists join forces as the singer-songwriter's catchy pop universe meets Souldia's sensitive rap to offer us Minuit trop tard, a single with dancing melodies; a track that is both catchy and touching at the same time.

Produced by Christophe Martin and Zagata, the song is indeed a tribute to couples - for these soul mates who follow each other through good times and bad.

An infectious pop hit from an improbable duet that you're likely to listen to over and over again all summer long! 

Zagata - Souldia - Minuit trop tard

Singer-songwriter from Quebec City with a well-assumed pop fibre, Jesse Proteau, aka Zagata, has become a master in the art of composing retro-sounding songs that you never get tired of humming. 

Souldia is one of Canada's most prolific rappers. Born and raised in Quebec City, Kevin St-Laurent (his real name) has been immersed in rap since he was 15 years old. With one foot in youth centres and the other in the street, he takes pleasure in depicting the crime that surrounds him, the system that oppresses him and the rage of Quebec City's underprivileged neighbourhoods. With his street rap and hardcore rap, Souldia is known for his raw language, without censorship or half measures, married to a certain maturity and sensitivity.