Gaspard Eden reveals two new songs and a music video!

Gaspard Eden today shares the video for the title track of his forthcoming album Soft Power. Along with the video Eden also releases a double A side single featuring album tracks "Soft Power” and "Pancakes”. Both "Soft Power” and "Pancakes” are available now on all music services.

Speaking on the double release Eden says, " Soft Power and Pancakes are connected by the fact they’re both talking about some kind of desire to share affection. The music videos of both songs have been made by animation artists. I wanted that playful look to balance the more intimate and emotionally charged subjects of the songs.”

“Soft Power” is the first of the animated videos to be released. In this song, Eden manages to combine a stripped honesty with symbolist figures of speech. He emphasizes our inability to embody some of our deepest feelings. His dreamy bass lines, motoric chords progressions and ethereal vocal melodies serve as a canvas where our repressed fantasies are evoked.

Gaspard Eden - Soft Power / Pancakes

For the video Eden’s Artistic Director, Charles O’Keefe, used the same colour palette and illustration style as the artworks for the album and singles, and created a fast moving, mostly abstract, colourful music video. The images move following the song's rhythm picturing the abstract idea of feelings Eden talks about in the song. 

"I think that putting images on sound is the most exciting thing for me,” explains O’Keefe, “especially for a song that is talking about feelings of lust and desire. Which are beautiful feelings, but also kinda violent in some ways. I tried to express this duality with abstract shapes inspired by artists such as Jean Arp or Alexander Calder which I always found their work equally beautiful and aggressive."

The upcoming album "Soft Power" is the latest chapter in Gaspard Eden’s constantly evolving artistic process and sees the singer/songwriter eschewing the deeply personal nature of his past efforts and making a conscious attempt to look outwards in order to create. In doing so, he manages to turn the mundane into the fantastic and make the best of a talented and varied stable of collaborators. Truly transcendent beauty comes in the form of simplicity and community for Gaspard Eden, whose distinct and almost stubborn strength of character shines more than ever through his music.