Of Course

Of Course: but of course, it's obvious!

Of Course's sometimes digital and sometimes organic vibes cross machines and humans. Since 2015, William Maurer and Émile Tempère's band has continued to evolve its genre, from raw groove to sexy beat. The two founders hail from Paris and met there in 2008, only to move to Montreal and create a sound that blends their European youth with their adult lives in Canada. The result: party music that blends the expressions and styles of two completely different worlds, but united by the French language.

In 2019, the EP Montréal bagarre proved itself on the Quebec music scene by mixing pop, rap and electro with authentic and personal lyrics. Today, Of Course is expanding its live band with Theodore Ntouskas on drums and Jeanne Gagné on guitar. The band will release its first full-length this spring.

Last May, the group was finally back with their first album Montreal Bagarre 2. The perfect mix between funk and rap, happy music and darker lyrics, Canadian and French influences. For this new album, collaborations like Oré, Vendou and Dope.gng add to the party atmosphere.