After several radio hits over the past few months, Zagata continues to reveal new releases in dribs and drabs, finally confirming the arrival of an album in February 2024 with the single "Jungle (feat. Koriass)"!

Zagata's "Jungle" is an emotional, luminous and heartfelt plunge into mental illness and consumerism, carried by a boom bap acoustic musical canvas. Zagata, with her unique pen and voice, joins forces with Koriass, master of Quebec rap's punchy rhymes, to deliver a powerful message. The track is produced by the GEN1US duo, Christophe Martin & Farfadet.

The lyrics of "Jungle" reflect the struggle against incomprehension, boredom and inner demons. Zagata often feels alone in the face of his raging emotions. References to other artists add depth to the song, underlining the importance of music as a means of expression for those who feel different or misunderstood.

Koriass joins Zagata to share his own struggles, describing loneliness, inner conflicts, and the quest for redemption. The lyrics evoke a constant battle, a dizzying descent into uncertainty, but also a desire to free oneself from toxic addictions.

Zagata - Zagata & Koriass - Jungle