Less than a year after the release of their second rock album, MIELS is back with "Yeux de lynx", a colorful and dreamy track that stands out from the crowd for the Quebec-American band.

Où sont les cœurs rebelles?
Oh qui sommeillent en elle
Où sont les cœurs rebelles?
Qui ne battent que pour elle

"Yeux de the lynx" portrays a person who leads an unusual life, with no half measures. It is a tribute to those who have held the torch and paved the way for the marginalized of this world. Recorded on International Women's Rights Day last March, you can even hear the cries of a wild animal intertwined with Paige's charmingly accented vocals, symbolizing the ardor and passion of rebellious hearts.

"We cheer to the rebel hearts near & far that continue to inspire us every day."

The message, full of the will to freedom, is propelled by a pop-influenced framework, a novelty for MIELS. The sparkling melodies of the synthesizer and the energy of the guitar preserve the authentic style of the duo.

MIELS - Yeux de lynx