After several well appreciated live performances of their cover of "Macho" by Jaako Eino Kalevi, MIELS are finally making the song available on platforms, accompanied by a music video!

The idea to cover the song came when Paige and JF were asked to include a cover version of the song in their concert broadcast on Radio Canada's Plus on est de fou plus on lit. The couple fell in love with the song because of its hypnotic bass line and the singer's particular phrasing. So they took the song and added the MIELS touch to it. It's a danceable garage and disco beat, a gravelly bass line and a sweet madness in Paige's accent.

"She's tired of macho men" is the key phrase in the chorus, underscoring the feminist and denunciatory aspect of the song. Recorded at their practice studio to make sure to keep the raw aspect of the song it gives a catchy result!

MIELS - Macho