Quebec City, November 25, 2022 - After the success of his first album Reflection I released in 2020 (more than 10.5M listens), Louis-Étienne Santais presents his second full-length, (De)construction. A more mature album, where the composer from the Old Capital brilliantly demonstrates that he is at the top of his art. A live session accompanies the release, performed at his home with Ghostly Kisses (Margaux Sauvé) on violin.

Playing with the listener's perception. This is what Louis-Étienne Santais succeeds in accomplishing on this new project. The album includes electronic textures that could be confused with elements considered "organic", then natural instruments subjected to traditional "electronic" processes. One can discover more refined pieces in which the gears of the piano are heard (Dolores, Enjoy the Silence) and others that include a much more complex instrumental landscape (Floating, (In)carnation, Claire).

The idea of "deconstructing", almost always involves a separation of a whole into simpler structures.

"I tried to experiment with the whole musically, especially with silence, an element often forgotten in music, but which is intrinsic and complementary to each note played" - Louis-Étienne Santais

The album release is accompanied by a live session for the piece Kawa no kami. This piece is, in all humility, a tribute to one of the greatest directors of Japanese animation, Hayao Miyazakii. Second live session shot in the artist's home by director Zacharie Turgeon, Ghostly Kisses (Margaux Sauvé) features Louis-Étienne and covers the string line on the violin, an instrument she has played since she was a child. The video's warm and inviting atmosphere makes it comforting and intoxicating to listen to.

Louis-Étienne Santais - (De)construction