After attracting the attention of several media and some major hip-hop players, even abroad, with the first part of her album Godspeed: Baptism (Prelude) released last March, Naya Ali is back in force with Air Ali, a new single premiered on Belle et Bum TV show last Saturday.

 If "Air Ali" mainly talks about taking flight, Naya continues her ascent as she solidly sets a confident unapologetic tone for the second part of her album expected in the spring 2021

Fully in control, the rapper delivers a percussive song powered by a rich trap rhythm and a melodious sung refrain as only she knows how to do so. 

« Air Ali is about taking flight into my new destination - leaving the city, but never forgetting where I'm come from including the love and the hate I received. It's both a final departure and a new start. Letting go of a comfort zone, leaving feelings and a certain people behind in order to keep elevating. » - Naya Ali

Produced by PARCE QUE FILMS and directed by the highly talented photographer and videographer Adrian Villagomez, the music video, extracts from which were unveiled during an interview on Tuesday's morning show Salut Bonjour, evokes a photographic series, as a form of documentation of past life or a crucial moment.

The story depicts a humble neighbourhood, where love and community(has to) triumph over the hard reality. While life is pursuing its course, people are watching Naya from a distance. They know she's up to something great. The kids look up to Naya like dreamers, while adults are uncomfortable with Naya's ambition. But Naya is not a dreamer, she aims big and she's making moves. She's been filling up that bag for a while, now ready for her grand departure!

Naya Ali - Air Ali

On double stage with Les Louanges, Naya Ali will be performing from 7:30 pm on December 21st as part of the Concerts sous le Sapin of Noël dans le Parc.