The electrifying Americo-Quebec duo MIELS are back with "Barracuda", which sums up their most real and powerful trait: wild energy.

An embellished yet rock-and-roll ballad, the track fights against the normalization of hustle culture, which maintains societal wealth gaps. MIELS refuses to lower the volume of her inner child for the sake of money, which only serves a few "Barracudas" in the world.

Singer Paige draws on a singing style that validates her nickname as "heiress to Iggy Pop" (Radio Canada), bringing her force of nature from stage to radio. Known for their stylistic exploration, MIELS rise to a new level with sonic layers of pop, punk, electro and disco genres.

Musically, the duo entice us to dance with this bass-centric track, adding a host of haunting synths, percussion, vocal melodies and saxophone to their usual guitar/drums formula. The result is reminiscent of bands such as The Talking Heads, The B52's, Blondie and La Femme.

MIELS - Barracuda