Lucill signs with Coyote Records and reveals his first single from an upcoming album

It's no secret now! After a critically acclaimed debut homonymous EP in 2018, Lucill is back as he will present his first long play this fall, under Coyote Records label. 

"I'm very happy to be partnering with Coyote Records on this project. It was necessary for me to give the album the special treatment it deserves. We spend so much time on those tracks. We're putting everything we've got into it."

It is after several months of hard work that Raphaël Bussières today gives us a first glimpse of the fruit of his efforts with the single Quand ça monte, a song for which the singer-songwriter has surrounded himself with precious collaborators, or as he likes to call it, "his dream team".

"When I finished the first session of that song with Gab Bouchard, we knew we had something! But the substance of Quand ça monte really came together in the studio, with Francis Mineau (Malajube) working on the production, where the bass was synthesised, the guitars purified and the choruses contrasted in style, creating a wall of acoustic guitars in particular." 

Lucill - Quand ça monte

Quand ça monte is mainly a reflection about anxiety; "the one that prevents you from appreciating the present moment, the next level one that takes over in a paralysing way". The verses, for their part, talk about the social mask and the role that it is easy to play, but often heavily destructive, in order to be accepted or gain approval.   

"I dug into my peaks of life when things were going fast and relatively well. Looking back today, my perception of those times has changed. Being in the present moment is for me a constant and necessary work."

Intimate and deep lyrics that don't prevent the artist from delivering a catchy pop composition, revealing groovy 90's type high frequencies in a totally summery atmosphere. A feel-good song to put in your ears with the arrival of good weather!