Singer-songwriter Lucill offers a personal and sensitive cover of Alain Souchon's song Presque.

After the song Seul au monde, released last February, Lucill returns with the second single from an album due for release in 2024. He skilfully revisits the arrangements of French-Swiss musician Alain Souchon's song Presque (2019). Sustained rhythms and airy keyboards breathe new life into the song Souchon composed with his sons. Having covered the song twice in concert, Raphaël Bussières, aka Lucill, was highly motivated to record it.

"I never do covers because I always feel that the original is better," he says.

Nevertheless, on first listen, he was won over by Souchon's simple, modern lyrics. By staying as close as possible to the original intentions, he has evolved the musical accompaniment and placed his deep, soothing voice over Souchon's words, while preserving the melancholy of the theme.

"I wanted to give the piece a bit of a Britpop feel. With the synths, it's more textured, rocky and soft at the same time," explains Lucill, who was eager to add other instruments to the love story.

Léa Dumoulin created a short promotional video for the song. It shows Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, her head resting on her hands, leaning against a car in a gas station, captivated by the song's theme. Lucill worked out all the arrangements with Francis Mineau. Marie-Claudel adds her voice to his, in harmony, in the chorus.

The singer-songwriter is preparing a full-length album for 2024. Love songs that embrace the same textures as the single Seul au monde and this Souchon cover.

Lucill - Presque