Louis-Étienne SANTAIS Unveils Moving Live Session for "Berlin, Ontario"

Acclaimed by critics for his debut album, Reflection I, released late last year, Louis-Étienne Santais today unveils a new Live Session. The piece "Berlin, Ontario", filmed at his home this summer on the piano he inherited from his grandfather, takes on its full meaning here.

"This song was composed on this same piano and ended up on the album in honor of my late grandfather, a musician who was a great inspiration to me. The brand name of the piano is "Berlin, Ontario" which may seem a little strange at first glance... It is actually where it was made.”

But Berlin in Ontario only existed until 1916, when it was renamed "Kitchener" to break free of all ties to Germany. Without doing extensive research, Louis-Étienne can at least conclude that the piano on which he plays this touching version is over 100 years old.

Louis-Étienne Santais - Berlin, Ontario (Live Session)

A second Palais Montcalm

After opening for Ghostly Kisses at the magnificent Palais Montcalm in Quebec City last November, Louis-Étienne Santais returns there on February 4th. The pianist will be performing Reflection I in its entirety for the very first time. A golden opportunity for the pianist who has not ceased to attract attention since the release of his first opus.

"I will be joined by several musicians, including a string quartet, a pianist (Hélène Desjardins) and a guest singer for certain pieces. I will even present versions of certain pieces rearranged especially for the occasion! "

A neo-classical evening that promises to be a great success with Simon Leoza (Tambour) sharing the stage with Louis-Étienne Santais for this this virtual double program.

Tickets available right here: http://bit.ly/3nmnKxZ