MONTREAL, MAY 5, 2023 - JAYMIE is the new project of Jay Lavigne, known for his participation in La Voix 4 and for the success of his EP Twelve O'Five under the name of SAENS, which has accumulated more than one million listens on listening platforms. He launches his new project with "Ciel azur", a track in French with a breathtaking music video.

JAYMIE explores a new sound, mixing influences from the 60s and 70s with elements of soul and R&B on this new track. In this song, he continues to express his emotions in a sincere way, while adding a touch of sensuality to his music.

"Ciel azur" is a track that addresses the universal and often painful theme of the end of a love relationship. The artist expresses his difficulty in letting go, even if he knows it is the right thing to do. The lyrics are marked by a deep sadness and melancholy about the reality of the breakup. They express an emotional complexity and an internal struggle between wanting to leave and wanting to be loved.

The music of "Ciel azur" is specifically designed to accompany a slow and sensual waltz, where couples come and go like the waves of the ocean. The deliberate choice to give the music production of "Ciel Azur" a live and imperfect feel adds to the organic quality of the song, for a true and vivid texture and depth.The music video for "Ciel Azur", written and directed by the talented director CARAZ (winner of two gold awards at Cannes, among others), highlights one man's inner struggle to achieve freedom and reunite with his family. The protagonist appears in fight scenes inspired by a Prison Fight rehabilitation program.

It is also a way to highlight the acting and Muay Thai talents of JAYMIE, who to prepare for the role, trained for two months with Richard Ho (famous coach of George St-Pierre and Olivier Aubin-Mercier). The clip is entirely produced by a female creative team (direction, art direction, photography, styling).

With its breathtaking images by Juliette Lossky, interspersed with poignant dialogues, the clip of "Ciel Azur" can easily be described as a short film. A sensitive and authentic proposal. A must-see!

- Ciel azur