Just two weeks after the acclaimed release of his debut album Soft Power, Gaspard Eden is back as he unveils today a new nostalgic music video for his single “Password”.

For the occasion, the songwriter wanted to transpose the universe that cradled his childhood, in the form of a collage; between family videos and images that struck his young imagination. True to form, with this visually striking and emotionally evocative retro music video, he once again spoils his fans with his outstanding creativity.

“It is some sort of memory palace.”
Gaspard Eden


Gaspard Eden - Password


A much noticed release for his first album 

From Rolling Stone France to Eh! List of Exclaim!, and a wide range of Quebec media, Gaspard Eden has done well despite the pandemic. Since the release of Soft Power, he has received many rave reviews, even beyond our borders. 

The critics are unanimous! Soft Power is a very well crafted, warm and eye-catching first full-length opus; an album that's perfect for filling your ears with sweetness and beauty in these uncertain times.

If you haven't had the chance to listen to Gaspard Eden's debut album yet, don't waste any more time and discover it right here.

“A Beatles-style docile pop, some folk-rock reveries between Sufjan Stevens and the Beach Boys... We come out of Gaspard Eden's first album appeased.”
 Rolling Stone France 

“ […] Eden offers ten endearing and volatile first songs, of the kind that end up pulling our ears even when we listen to them distractedly. ”
 Philippe Renaud, Le Devoir

“His vaporous tenor voice is reminiscent of many American singers, starting with the gifted Sufjan [...].”
 Alain Brunet, Pan M 360

“Vaporous rock, psychedelic folk, ethereal pop, one could have fun attaching many labels to Gaspard Eden's music. One thing's for sure, this guy from Quebec City doesn't make music to keep his feet on the ground, but to take off.”
 Alexandre Vigneault, La Presse

“With a retro-futuristic pop-folk-rock sound, Gaspard Eden gets us high in his sophisticated musical universe, with relaxed pop refrains, supported by ethereal vocal harmonies, the artist's signature effect.”
 ICI Musique 

“ [...] the melody and the rhythm he gives to his choruses are of a certain genius. Soft Power is a construction site full of potential earworms.”
 Gabriel Tremblay, Le Canal Auditif