Gaspard Eden today debuts his new video "Nothing", premiering via Indie88.  Taken from his upcoming album  Soft Power, "Nothing" naively evokes the backdrop of boredom, namely that we do something even when we think we are doing nothing.

Through ethereal guitar rhythms and elastic fuzz lines, Eden sings about nothing in an uninhibited way.  Speaking on the track Eden says,“ Nothing came to me in a very simple manner, which was to illustrate how pointless (futile) we act sometimes, without making any precise statement about it. Absurdity have always been a thing for me. It is a source of inspiration both lyrically and musically. I think that ironically this song I wrote a while ago matches the moments we are currently living in, which is to stay at home and try to overcome boredom. ”

The monochrome background and the opulence of the decor in the video evokes the mental space of Gaspard Eden where flowers, drinks and sweet dishes abound. Confined in this space, Eden feels compelled to interact with these luxurious and perishable objects, which appear to him as boring ephemeral pleasures. Director Charles O’Keefe explains the concept behind the video for ”Nothing“, The idea was to create a kind of disorienting picture, almost like a drunk memory, to show that sort of calm distress boredom can produce. But we also wanted it to look nice and interesting. That’s why I worked with Audrey Saint-Laurent (DA) to create an overwhelming, yet really calculated and colourful decor. 

Gaspard Eden - Nothing

The upcoming album "Soft Power" is the latest chapter in Gaspard Eden’s constantly evolving artistic process and sees the singer/songwriter eschewing the deeply personal nature of his past efforts and making a conscious attempt to look outwards in order to create. In doing so, he manages to turn the mundane into the fantastic and make the best of a talented and varied stable of collaborators. Truly transcendent beauty comes in the form of simplicity and community for Gaspard Eden, whose distinct and almost stubborn strength of character shines more than ever through his music.