D-track's fifth solo album proves that he is in a class of his own. With denunciatory themes, old school verses and velcro rhythms, Territoiredelours is the result of an impressive gathering of rappers and beatmakers from here and abroad.

On Territoiredelours, D-Track explores a new chapter in the history of his home. The title refers to the black bears of the Outaouais region who, in recent years, have been making more and more appearances in the urban settings of his region. He reminds us that the expansion of the city of Hull is not without consequences, that it harms the animals' habitats and that humans are not the only masters on their territory.

"This year, my third child was born. I still don't know how I managed to finish a fifth album at the same time. It had to come out, I guess!" - D-Track

Some tracks, like "Ville déserte" or "Gunsmoke", are like scenes from a movie. D-Track brilliantly goes for an egotrip rap on soundtracks inspired by the Far-West. Other pieces have this classic signature, it is known the artist has a penchant for nostalgia and knows how to exploit this theme with skill.

What differentiates Territoiredelours from the rest of the MC's work is the symbiosis between his flow and the music created by an impressive array of beatmakers from Quebec (Nicholas Craven, 2Faces/DJ Nerve, Quest), as well as the United States (August Fanon, Sadhugold, nomstks). D-Track keeps the borders open, collaborating with rappers from both sides of the Atlantic: L'Queb, CHAM Rapper, Almiros and Seinssucré.

A music video also came out for the track "Alchimie", on which American Sadhugold (Westside Gunn, Mach Hommy) produced the music. The video features Reggie Cash, who plays a character who thinks he is the best bowling player in the world.

D-Track - Territoiredelours