"Je sais" is a powerful collaboration between two iconic Outaouais rappers, D-Track and Mindflip, with musical production by 2Faces.

D-Track and Mindflip met naturally in their home region. Their mutual appreciation for each other's music fostered the collaboration. The track's production incorporates elements of blues sampling, a 2Faces signature. Mindflip had worked with him in the past, while D-Track discovers here a new experience that works wonderfully.

Mindflip brings a melodic dimension to the rap by adopting a sung approach, resulting in a catchy chorus. D-Track, meanwhile, has composed his verses based on the chorus, adding his sharp pen to dress up the choruses with punchy energy.

"Je sais" transcends linguistic boundaries by blending English and French, proudly representing the Outaouais hip-hop scene and allowing a wider audience to connect with its message.

D-Track - D-Track & Mindflip - Je sais