After four singles with almost 2 million listens on different platforms, it is finally time for Clodelle to unveil her first album, Gemini.

Gemini is the astrological sign of the singer and evokes the juxtaposition of two worlds, two sides of a personality. Calmer melodies like "Magazines" and more danceable ones like "Nine Lives" reveal a confident singer who also knows how to show her vulnerability.

Gemini is perfect for partying, hitting the road or even dancing alone until the wee hours of the morning. Produced by none other than Claude Bégin (Alaclair Ensemble), the album's soundscape is an impressive buffet of textures and sounds. The lyrics, written in large part by Clodelle, are inspired by the observations and learnings she has made in recent years (sometimes in the public eye). Even though she speaks of her own experiences, the listener can relate to them through the way she tells her stories. The topics often become universal when it comes to emotions and human relationships.

Gemini is now available everywhere.

Clodelle - Gemini