Claude Bégin is back with "Les avions de Mirabel", a song of formidable effectiveness. From the very first notes, the strong signature and melodic catchiness that characterize the work of the songwriter are evident.

The song, which has already been playing on the radio for a few weeks, is also the theme of Marie-Lyne Joncas' talk show, Le fabuleux printemps de Marie-Lyne. A piece that has the appearance of a return to the roots for the singer, a sound that can recall the beginning of his career.

Let's give ourselves space

Like billionaires

Between us antimatter

Nothing is created

Everything is lost

In a parallel universe

The sky had become heavy

For the planes of Mirabel

On a lively music, skilfully built a clear-obscure text on which it is necessary to linger, the time is with the report. In opposition, the head which beats the rhythm spontaneously and this desire to let itself glide on this summer vibe.

On the horizon, could it be the release of a third album for Claude Bégin?

- Les avions de Mirabel