Automatic Dreams, new single by Gaspard Eden

Gaspard Eden's Automatic Dreams, from his upcoming album Soft Power, explores the different levels of lucidity that occur while dreaming.

Eden drives us in his own lucid dream of a car ride that goes oddly wrong, framing our discovery of the many sensations one experiences in dreams. This ride, suggested by the consistency of his soft drums, gets somber with Eden's thoughtful lyrics : "I'm controlling nothing/Don't know what it really means/All these automatic dreams".

Calling to mind a glimpse of the New Wave era with its crystal-clear chorus guitar riffs, pitch waving synthesizers and reverb drums, Automatic Dreams is a spacious song. The voice of his old-time friend, singer/songwriter Gabrielle Shonk, brings depth to Eden's voice, creating a dreamy soundscape. 


Gaspard Eden - Automatic Dreams