Acclaimed pop duo Alfa Rococo are back with "Feu en moi", a catchy track that marks the start of a new era for Justine Laberge and David Bussières.

Alfa Rococo teams up with producer D R M S (Ariane Moffatt, SOMMM, Eli Rose, L'Isle, Fanny Bloom) to create "Feu en moi", a pop-electro firebrand that blends guitar chorus with ambient-electro textures, all set to an energetic rhythm and gravelly bass. This hymn to resilience and rebirth testifies to the band's desire to express the ardor and thirst to create and live that burns within them. "Feu en moi" is a powerful dance piece that stirs the body and spirit.

The lyrics remind us that we must always keep feeding that flame within us, providing it with enough oxygen to keep it burning brightly. The track is accompanied by a lyric video directed by Laurent E. Malo, in which the poetic lines of the song are brought to the fore through surprising collages.

"Feu en moi" is the first single from Alfa Rococo's fifth album, due for release in spring 2024. It's the first spark of a sacred fire that continues to inspire the group's catchy, yet profound songs.

Alfa Rococo - Alfa Rococo & D R M S - Feu en moi