A few weeks after presenting the single "One Love" today "Réaction forte" from the week's Radio Palmarès, Laurence Nerbonne finally unveils her new album entitled "OMG", a sunny balm to be applied to our mutual solitudes.  

On this album, which she has entirely self-produced, written and composed, the artist unveils several facets of her personality and strings together various influences in a totally self-assured manner. Sometimes pop with R&B accents, sometimes trap, flirting with Latin sounds, going from a protestant tone to light and festive hymns, the "girl boss" does not lock herself into a single style and makes us understand that she is at the helm of a creation in her own image; fluid and at the crossroads of genres. An album both "bad ass" and full of humanity.  

The album "OMG" is definitely consumed as a vitamin of "empowerment" and incites its audience to seek the strength in itself to live up to its dreams without putting barriers.  

An album that is both badass and human, available everywhere today!

Laurence Nerbonne - OMG