A new music video for Naya Ali

First solo rapper to be nominated for the "Anglophone Album of the Year" at ADISQ, Naya Ali continues to make her mark. After a solid performance at the Gala opening last Sunday, the artist is back, this time with a new music video for her song For Yuh.

From his most recent album Godspeed: Baptism (prelude) released in March to critical acclaim, this song reveals the rising star in a much more intimate light. The one known mainly for her fiery raps reveals her more pop and sensitive side with this amazing animated music video as she tells a moving story.

With this film she wrote herself, Naya Ali wanted to go beyond just another love story. The Ethiopian-born rapper wished to illustrate "the reality that no one chooses to be born; neither the time or place”. She explores the idea that "our environments lead us to love differently, sometimes accepting violence in order to live, and unwillingly hurt those close to us ".

Set in Jamaica, where the filming was originally scheduled to take place last April, the story is inspired by the Tivoli Gardens and the American cult film "Belly". Directed by Xavier Cantin-Lemieux under the artistic direction of Mariane Vaillancourt, this short animated film in the style of "Boondocks", illustrated and animated by Jimmy Crockett, allowed Naya, despite the circumstances, to beautifully retain the essence of its narrative in the visuals.

A music video that's worth the detour to discover right here!

Naya Ali - For Yuh (Club Mix)