A new music video for La Famille Ouellette

Inspired by social satire, including the popular show Black Mirror, which always takes new technologies and their potential consequences to the extreme, indie-pop group La Famille Ouellette and director Philippe Grenier want to get a reaction by presenting a disturbing music video for the song "Satin".

In an era where image technologies are constantly being renewed and content producers are multiplying and diversifying: young and old are now living side by side on the web. In this new climate of exhibitionism and voyeurism, the audience no longer knows any borders. The group and the filmmaker ask themselves the question: How far will we go to satisfy our fantasies and escape the banality of our lives? What can be the impact on children who will always transgress warnings, too curious to flirt with the ban?

The concept may create unease, even outright shock, but isn't it necessary to confront the listener a little bit at a time when the clips that always serve the same complacent recipe are increasingly ignored?

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