A music video out of the ordinary signed Benny Adam

In this period of quarantine, artists have to be very imaginative to get the word out about them, and Benny Adam understood that!

It's with all the creativity we know him about that the Montreal singer and producer is back with the official music video for his latest single, Dis-moi.

Shot entirely "in" his iPhone with the participation of comedian Marie-Lyne Joncas, the video fits perfectly to the lyrics of the song, illustrating the complexity and the last thoughts of a discussion between ex-lovers via text messages. 

Last week, Benny Adam also showed a lot of ingenuity by offering us a wonderful acoustic version of Dis-moi.

Only with his voice, his hands, a few glasses of water, an iPhone and above all, a lot of time, the artist from Morocco gives a new dimension to his song and it's very successful!