A debut double-single and a music video for MIELS

After announcing their signing with Coyote Records and unveiling an electrifying mini-documentary last month, MIELS is back, this time with new music and a music video.

The Quebec-American duo, composed of Paige, straight out of Georgia, and J-F, originally from Montreal, is filling our ears with not one, but two singles; the dancing rock "Pour l'amour du ciel" and "Coeur vaudou", vibrant and warm. In the language of Molière, MIELS draws a unique proposition, a sexy electro rock, mixing blues with modern rhythms.  

And to mark the occasion and visually support this universe of their own, the band completes the release of this double-single with the music video of "Pour l'amour du ciel". Filmed in black and white, the clip shows all the intensity of the duo as surrealist angles and geometrical shapes intermingle. A retro-flavoured video by Robin Renard (shooting/editing) and Vincent Bélanger (post-production/motion design).

MIELS - Pour l'amour du ciel + Cœur vaudou