Webster sends shivers down our spine with the Summertime music video

True to himself, Webster today presents a captivating and engaging music video for the piece Summertime from his collaborative album with jazz band 5 for Trio released in February 2019. The one who is also a historian, activist and lecturer delivers delivers a vibrant tribute to newcomers, resilient when faced with the challenge of adapting to a brand new daily life, especially during the harsh Quebec winter.

While the clip begins with intriguing images of the band playing in a gym, Webster gradually and very touchingly immerses us in the life of Léonie, recently settled in Quebec with her family. Originally from the Central African Republic, she offers us a privileged access to her daily life, from a simple family dinner to their first slide on snow. 

Produced by La Raffinerie, the music video was shot entirely on 16mm film. The pronounced grain of the documentary style images creates an intimate universe that adds greatly to the narrative.

Winter images for a text that is nevertheless a hymn to summer; from a reading in the park to the simple pleasure of enjoying the sun. A beautiful dichotomy that has everything to highlight both the rapper's words and the reality depicted in the clip.

Webster & 5 For Trio - Summertime feat. Valérie Clio


For this exceptional piece, certainly the most jazz of the album, the hip-hop artist and his musicians revisit the great classic Summertime written by George Gershwin in 1934 for his opera Porgy & Bess.

For the occasion, the powerful singer Valérie Clio also joins them to raise the chorus, the master piece of the song, with all the Soul we know her.