Filpo, a double-single for this new French indie-rock project

After the critical success of their first two albums, Paolo Philpot (vocals and guitar) and Gabriel L'Heureux (bass) of Cherry Chérie are back as they launch a brand new indie-rock Franco project called Filpo.

To mark the occasion, Filpo unveils not one, but two singles; the aerial and vaporous "Comme une plume" and "Endorphine", darker and more energetic. And to visually support this universe of their own, they complete the release of this double-single with a very aesthetic lyric video created by Gabriel Potvin-Caissy

Filpo - Comme une plume / Endorphine

Filpo gives a convincing foretaste of the wide range of possibilities that the indie-rock band has in store for their debut album Printemps, expected on April 2nd.