Dieu est un Yankee, D-Track's third solo album

D-Track releases a 3rd solo album, Dieu est un Yankee. At the peak of his talent, the outstanding lyricist reaffirms the relevance of his verb on this new album, making many references to the paradoxes of North American culture that populate his daily life. However, he tries to avoid falling into clichés and skillfully lightens his speech with a touch of humour that distinguishes him from his contemporaries. Mostly written by the veteran rapper from Gatineau, Dieu est un Yankee also contains a wide range of sounds from all the major periods of hip-hop that will appeal to current fans and nostalgic fans of the genre. To complete his work, D-Track surrounds himself with leading collaborators such as beatmakers Nicholas Craven and Dr. Mad, rappers Koriass, KNLO and Aspect Mendoza, singer Dominique Fils-Aimé and his faithful acolyte Sam Faye.

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