For the release of Hull, his fourth solo album, D-Track is coming out strong. In addition to teaming up with the prolific beatmaker Nicholas Craven, who is now being snapped up by many American hip-hop artists, the rapper from Gatineau unveils a video clip shot alongside French rap legend Akhenaton, with whom he duets on the track Soroche.

There is no need to say, D-Track leaves nothing to chance with this new album. Hull is indeed the very first work of the artist where the music is entirely produced by another composer than himself, but not just any one.

"I've always found that Nicholas Craven's style lends itself well to my lyrics. After working with him on God is a Yankee for the song "Mon père est un jazzman" and on the EP "Shahnour" (a tribute to Charles Aznavour), we thought it would be nice to do a full album together."
- David Dufour aka D-Track

"I really liked the result of our first collaboration, so the idea of continuing with a full album seemed logical. It's also an opportunity for me to introduce myself more formally to the Quebec music industry, while introducing a great lyricist to an international audience on my end."
- Nicholas Craven

And it is a successful bet! With his old school style of sampling and dark, grimy atmospheres, Craven produces soulful atmospheres that fully support the mature prose of the veteran MC.

A perfect match that seduced one of the most influential pillars of French rap, Akhenaton. Emblematic member of the group IAM, the rapper has indeed agreed to lend his voice to the song Soroche, in addition to giving his time for the shooting of the video.

"I went to Marseille last October. From IAM's La Cosca studio to the Old Port, via the mountains and the Olympique de Marseille's Stade-Vélodrome, I had the chance to spend the day with Akhenaton, one of my youthful idols. And Saïd from IAM even joined us. Big day!"

There is no need to say, D-Track knows how to surround himself well. Already an accomplice of the rapper on the album Message-texte à Nelligan, Robert Nelson lands in turn on McDermott while the American emcee Che noir shares the title Court-circuit.

And in the middle of all this, there are of course the texts on which he could concentrate 100%. D-Track brings us into a universe where he is not afraid to tackle more personal themes than ever. The title of the album reflects this more intimate signature by evoking the neighborhood where the Gatineau native took his first steps in rap and where he recorded and wrote these new songs.

The album Hull is available today on all platforms, as well as the video for Soroche with Akhenaton.

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D-Track - Hull