Coyote Records, in collaboration with St-Laurent TV, is celebrating the arrival of the warm weather with four new live sessions. You can now watch Apophis, Félix Dyotte, Gaspard Eden and MIELS performances anywhere, anytime.

The Coyote Sessions are four different universes, created in symbiosis by the artists, the director of photography Jérémy Boisvert, the artistic direction team Pestacle and the production company St-Laurent TV. We discover each artist from an intimate angle, halfway between the show and the video clip. Each performance was created in a place that echoes the artist's identity, that inspires him and through which he can cross the screens with his music.

Coyote Sessions - Apophis


Apophis arrives with force in this casual capture. The band performs their latest EP with unparalleled ease in front of an intoxicating blue backdrop. Different projections for each song can be seen in the back of the studio, for constant movement and a unique vintage effect. Listen to Apophis' self-titled EP on all platforms.

Coyote Sessions - Félix Dyotte


The superb setting of Felix Dyotte's recording does not go unnoticed in his live session. During this one, he moves between 3 different environments where he joins several of his musician friends. The songs are all interpreted with different groups of instruments. We can even see a duet with Évelyne Brochu for the song "Avalanches". Find the most recent songs of Félix Dyotte in his album Airs païens, on all listening platforms.

Coyote Sessions - Gaspard Eden


As for Gaspard Eden's performance, it takes place in an enchanting setting that replicates a forest with a psychedelic atmosphere. The camouflaged musicians give a still life effect to the 60's inspired recording and the lighting is changing to fit each song. Gaspard Eden's album Soft Power is available on all platforms.

Coyote Sessions - MIELS


MIELS' live session takes place in the desert, inspired by the American Southwest. It takes place in two parts, in a trailer and on a lighted stage that looks like an old motel. In the middle of the recording, they move between the two locations in a van driven by none other than their drummer. Paige and JF are one in the same in this sexy and authentic rock performance. Check them out in their brand new single Sick, available everywhere.

The Coyote Sessions are available for free on the artists' respective YouTube profiles, or just  RIGHT HERE.