Nothing stops Benny Adam! After having recently offered a solid collaboration in the music video G.O.A.T. Talk (Remix) by Naya Ali, the prolific Montreal singer and producer is back with the much-anticipated music video of Flousse. Featuring rising rap star Fouki, the song released last May on his latest album La Barquetterie SS2 has garnered particular attention in recent months.

On a trap rhythm and folk pop guitar tunes, the two artists combine their strengths to offer a catchy rap song with a well-assumed pop universe.

« Et on vient de loin, et ça part de rien, juste d’une envie de tout péter, défier ton baratin. »

Flousse tells the story of two young people from hip hop culture who describe their journey, their defeats and victories, their rise in this capitalist system with which they have to deal on a daily basis.

While the song is a sort of apology for success and money, it is with a good dose of humor that Benny Adam arrives with a counter-current music video reminding us of the importance of keeping our feet on the ground.

Rather than showing licked images of rich and famous people, Benny, who directed the clip himself, chose to shoot with old handycam in a campsite in the Estrie region. Using curious video effects that add to the irony, he and Fouki find themselves in several funny situations.


Benny Adam - Flousse feat. FouKi